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"Structured but sophisticated.

Maintained but manic.

Refined but raw. Japan is defined by contrast"

Nowhere else balances the modern so well with the traditional while the mixture of culture, food, scenery and the warmth of the Japanese people are just a small number of reasons why I end up back here every year.


These are the words of the young snowboard enthusiast Finnegan Laver that has a tremendous talent for filming. The movie that he has put in perspective so well is mainly shot in or around the Niseko area.

We hope this will encourage you to come over and experience the winter wonderland for yourself.

Origami Destination offers exclusive On Snow Activities such as

  • Back-country Guiding

  • Cat Skiing

  • Heli-skiing

  • Snowmobiling

  • Snowshoeing

Get in touch with us now for more information.

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